Lakefront Brewery: Supports Ukrainian refugees with a label

MILWAUKEE (March 3rd, 2022) – Lakefront Brewery’s popular crowler is a 32-ounce, aluminum can, filled with any one of Lakefront’s draft beers and taken to go. From time to time, they’ve used the crowler – via a custom label – to help those in need, such as their “Black Lives Matter” label which raised $8,000 for the local, children’s organization, Urban Underground.

This time, they’ve set their sites on Ukrainian refugees and their major conflict with Russia.

The crowler label features the image of Vladimir Putin with the title, “Putin is a Dick” written across his forehead, an honest appraisal of the Russian leader. And with it comes a significant donation for a humanitarian fund supporting Ukrainian refugees.

“When you purchase an anti-Putin labeled crowler from Lakefront, $10 will be sent to the refugee fund, the National Bank of Ukraine’s Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians,” said Lakefront Brewery President, Russ Klisch. “The crowler will cost folks $5 more than normal, and we will put in $5 as well to help Ukrainians though this awful time.”

The name, Putin is a Dick, was inspired by a Ukrainian craft brewery that Lakefront has brewed two collaboration beers with in the past. Pravda Brewery in Lviv brewed a popular beer with the same name, Putin is a Dick. And not only does Lakefront have a connection with Ukraine via brewery partners, but they have exported beer to Ukraine for the past seven years. 

“The relationship with our friends in Ukraine has been growing for some time,” says Lakefront’s Export Beer Sales Manager, Andy Jungwirth. “And the recent events have broken our hearts. When we can help, we feel empowered. And now Lakefront fans can too.

We also encourage other breweries as well, to create their own ‘Putin is a Dick’ brand to raise funds as well.”

Lakefront Brewery’s anti-Putin labeled crowlers go on sale this weekend. They can only be purchased at the Brewery, and, of course, online for pickup. They anticipate raising at least $10,000 for Ukrainian refugees.

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