Lakefront Brewery: Hosting a record-breaking tap takeover at the Drunk Uncle on April 2nd and 3rd

WEST ALLIS (March 21) – Neal Steffek, the owner of the Drunk Uncle bar in West Allis, is no stranger to shaking up the bar scene in Milwaukee. Whether it’s offering 50-cent tap beers during the Wisconsin State Fair or a $1 IPA tap special every Saturday, Steffek always aims to go big. 

He will be going big again on April 2nd and 3rdwhen he breaks his own record of hosting Lakefront Brewery’s largest tap takeover to date. 

“When I started this business in 2014, I only had eight draft lines in the bar, and seven of them belonged to Lakefront Brewery. I have since expanded my options to 48 draft lines and it will be great to get back to the roots of my business and help celebrate some of the best beers in Milwaukee, past and present,” says Steffek. 

Lakefront’s Brand Activation and Special Events Manager, Mitch DeSantis has been calling on the bar for years. “Neal is wild and I love him for that. In a daring tone he once stated that if Lakefront Brewery had 48 different beer options, he would put them on tap for a big event… I took that as a personal challenge,” says DeSantis.

Though Lakefront Brewery is falling short of 48 brands, they will bring a healthy lineup of 36 offerings. Everyday favorites will be available in addition to a selection of special reserve products from the Brewery’s cellar.  

Patrons of the Drunk Uncle are well-aware of the bar’s affinity to professional wrestling. Steffek and DeSantis decided it would be best to coincide this event with professional wrestling’s biggest weekend of the year, “WrestleMania.” 

Handmade sausages will be available on-site Saturday, 2pm to 8pm, from fellow wrestling fans, the Vanguard bar and restaurant. 

“Wrestling is real and pro wrestling is the last real sport in America,” quips Steffek. 

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. distributes its products to over 30 states, Ukraine, South Korea, and Canada. Lakefront Brewery, Inc. produced the first beer in the United States made from 100% in-state-grown ingredients, including a first-of-its-kind, indigenous Wisconsin yeast strain (Wisconsinite Summer Weiss), the first certified organic brewery and the first gluten-free beer granted approval by the U.S. Government (New Grist). For more information, visit or call (414) 372-8800.