Impact Association Management: The Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals names Impact Association Management as AMC

Madison, Wis. – Impact Association Management announced a new partnership with
the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP). This partnership will assist
AVIP in its mission to establish accepted and recognized best practices and standards
for vapor intrusion professionals.
“There’s great collaboration following our Inaugural AVIP VI Conference and we are so
excited for the year ahead,” said Laurie A. Chilcote, Strategic Communications Board
Member for AVIP. “We look forward to bringing more to the members of AVIP with the
collaboration and team efforts of the board, the organization, our new executive
director, Darion Lespier, and the rest of the team from Impact Association
Since its inception in 2019, AVIP has provided its members the opportunity to be part of
a community of professionals dedicated to advancing the industry and science of vapor
intrusion. The association serves its industry in a number of key ways, including
advancing the profession’s knowledge regarding the causes of, and the health and
environmental effects of vapor intrusion, developing policies and procedures to address
and treat these impacts, educating and informing the public’s understanding of vapor
intrusion issues, and much more.

“AVIP is already well established in the vapor intrusion industry, providing many great
benefits to its members that they won’t find anywhere else” said Jodi Fisher, CEO and
Founder of Impact Association Management. “Our team at Impact is excited to solidify
the operations and ensure members are continuing to receive what they want and need
to be leaders in their field.”

Impact Association Management is dedicated to helping small to medium-sized
associations improve their operations and achieve their strategic goals. Impact’s
customized, partnership approach requires both their team of association management
professionals and their clients to show strong dedication to the success of the
associations they work with.