Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport: Monday night home game + Christmas = busy week @GRB

Green Bay, Wis. – Ho‐ho‐ho! Holiday travel at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport is kicking into full gear – thanks to a Monday night home Packers game and the Christmas holiday.

“Normally, for Christmas week, we’d see travel pick up a few days before the holiday,” explained Airport Director, Marty Piette, A.A.E. “But, with a Monday night home Packers game, we’re seeing strong air travel demand over the weekend, on Tuesday, as well as next Thursday and Friday. Anecdotally, we’re hearing that some people are coming early to go to the game and then staying the week to be with family and friends for Christmas.”

While GRB is ready for the travelers, Piette reminds people to plan ahead:

  • Know your airline’s baggage weight and size limits for carry‐ons. Weigh your bags before you leave for the airport.
  • Check what liquids you can – and cannot – bring on the plane by going to:
  • Don’t forget your identification and ID for everyone you’re traveling with.
  • Arrive 1‐1/2 hours before your flight time at GRB and 2‐3 hours before flights departing larger airports.
  • Don’t wrap gifts you are taking with you; you will end up having to unwrap them going through security. But GRB has you covered to make sure those gifts you are carrying are wrapped before you get on the plane: There are free gift‐wrapping stations available after security screening to wrap any gifts you are taking along
  • Don’t travel “hangry.” Stop and grab a bite to eat at GRB’s main termina restaurant on the or pick up some grab and go snacks on concourse restaurants. There are plenty of fresh and local options available.

And finally, Piette asks travelers to continue to pack their patience and kindness. “It’s the holidays. It’s a Packers’ home game. There might be unexpected winter weather causing delays. A little patience and understanding, accompanied by kindness toward your fellow travelers and airport/airline staff, can make a difference in how your day goes.”

“Living in Wisconsin, we all look forward to the winter holidays and, of course, Packers games,” stated Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach. “We appreciate the influx of travelers to our area as well as people returning to see family and friends. We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.”