GRB: Traveling this holiday weekend? GRB has some tips to share

(Green Bay, Wis.)  It’s the summer of travel. Passenger numbers at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) have reached levels not seen since 2019. And GRB is not alone when it comes to the high volume of passenger traffic; it’s happening across the country.  When you combine a large number of travelers with airline staffing shortages, and typical summer weather delays, it can make travel challenging.

“First and foremost, plan ahead and pack your patience,” advises Airport Director Marty Piette, A.A.E.  “Those are, without a doubt, the two most important things travelers can do these days.” Piette also offers the following tips for those traveling over the Independence Day holiday weekend or, for that matter, any time this summer:

  • Book your flights with a little bit of “grace time” in your schedule. Don’t shortchange yourself on connection times. Likewise, if you absolutely need to be at an event or activity on a certain day, consider flying out a day early.
  • Download your airline’s app. It will keep you up to date on your flight and gate information. It’s also the quickest way to re-book if you need to.
  • Get to the airport early. At GRB, 1-1/2 hours before your scheduled flight. When you’re returning home from a big city airport, plan on arriving 2-1/2 hours early for domestic flights and 3-1/2 hours early for international flights. Grab something to eat and drink and do a little people watching while you wait.
  • Know TSA rules for carry-ons and liquids. Go to: to learn more
  • Dress appropriately. Even if you have TSA pre-check, wear slip on shoes, comfortable clothing and don’t stuff your pockets full of things. It will make going through security a lot easier.
  • Have your boarding pass and ID readily available.
  • If you want to make a change in travel plans, some airlines are offering travel change waivers during this busy time, so be sure to check with your airline if that’s something you need to do.

Finally, by packing your patience and understanding that the people who are working are doing their best to serve you, you’ll find it’s a much more pleasant experience. “The most important thing when you’re traveling is to arrive safely,” added Piette. “I hope these tips help make your travel experience a good one.”