Doyenne: Showcase event highlights entrepreneurs from our spring 2022 Triple Threat Venture Training cohort

Doyenne Group’s Spring 2022 Triple Threat Venture Training cohort will be highlighted at
our virtual Showcase event taking place on Tuesday, June 7, 4:30-6:30 PM CDT.
Sponsored by WEDC, MG&E Foundation, Associated Bank and the American Family
Institute for Corporate and Social Impact, this event allows attendees to listen to 5-minute pitches from each venture followed by 8-10 minutes of feedback within their Zoom Breakout Room before the entrepreneur switches breakout rooms to address a new
audience with their pitch and receive feedback. All attendees will have an opportunity to
hear from all 9 ventures along with hearing full pitches and provide feedback to 4 of the
9 ventures.

The Showcase is the capstone workshop of the Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training
(Entrepreneur & Venture overviews on next page). Over the course of the 20 week
program, the participants have explored their business models, their personal skills &
talents within their ventures, developed a strategic plan for the next 6-18 months, and are
now ready for the community to come and support their success and future growth.
Participants who complete all aspects of the program also will be awarded a $2,500
unrestricted grant to support their continued success.

“All of the entrepreneurs in this cohort have big plans and are operating very scalable
ventures across sectors,” says Doyenne Executive Director Heather Wentler, “As we often
say, it takes a community to support a venture’s growth and success. The community
continues to step up and support entrepreneurs who are part of Doyenne in a myriad of
ways. The relationships the entrepreneurs have been able to form with each other, as
well as with their dedicated Doyenne Coaches & Mentors who have worked with them
over the course of the program has been extraordinary and reaches across the state of

The Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training Program works with outside partners for a
holistic approach to launching, scaling, and day-to-day operating of an early-stage
venture. Our partners include:
● Step Up Equity Matters
● Relumed
● Numerous Doyenne Coaches & Mentors who volunteer their time in support of ventures

Ventures presenting at the Showcase event:
● Kim Zeuli (Madison, WI) The Feeding Cities Group
The mission of the Feedings Cities Group is to create equitable and resilient urban food
systems—globally. Creating urban food systems that are more resilient to–and better able to respond to–natural disasters. Our purpose is to help communities strengthen their food systems—from production through access—develop the most effective and innovative interventions and support implementation. We focus on cities but work in rural communities as well.

● Nikyra McCann (Madison, WI) Still Standing Enterprise
Still Standing Enterprise is a mental health support organization to uplift those in need through a caring, empathetic approach. While helping to end the stigma associated with mental health conditions. We empower others that their recovery is possible and to implement recovery skills to help one establish stability.

● Michelle Pribyl (Madison, WI) Fun of It Productions
While still in the formation stage of venture growth, Michelle’s mission is to help people connect and bond through games, fun, and laughter. Providing both corporate and private clients with concierge-like service to customize games and activities to their needs. From team bonding to engaging entertainment for private events, Fun of It Productions delivers fun, inspiring experiences that engage, enlighten and entertain all. 608.620.5115

● Chineva Smith (Milwuakee, WI) Crowned Soles
Crowned Soles provides inclusive, affordable, and quality footwear, hosiery, and accessories options to womxn of all walks of life. We footwear size options and widths of stylish products that are generally unavailable, providing inclusive footwear options to the LGBTQ+ community, and providing quality & affordable footwear options convenient to customers through pop up shooed and our online store.

● Jackie Cook (Madison, WI) Popins LLC
Popins’s mission is to help families with new babies thrive, empowering parents with practical approaches to navigate the unique challenges of postnatal life. Our services focus on intentional preparation and targeted support through tricky transitions to catch issues early, helping families move onto positive recovery paths and avoiding expensive, painful, time-consuming complications later.

● Carole Chabries (Milwaukee, WI) The Clareo Group
The Clareo Group works to eliminate the suffering caused by poor leadership that minimizes people’s talents, ignores their gifts, constrains their power, and extinguishes their light. Mission: To equip people to lead with clarity, purpose, and joy. In higher education, faculty are often promoted into positions of leadership with little to no experience in basic supervising, let alone leading a team of colleagues to a vision of success. In addition, at many colleges and universities only a few chair positions turn over every year, so while there is consistent churn there is rarely a significant # of new leaders at a given institution to make it possible for the organization to invest in leadership development. With 20+ years of experience developing leaders in higher education, The Clareo Group provides tailored workshops and coaching to groups of colleges and universities seeking to support their new faculty leaders through individual growth and group coaching.

● Mary Jo Borchardt (Madison, WI) Atmospheric Floral
Atmospheric Floral offers wildly elegant, artful floral design, specializing in floral installations that transform the space into a wonderland inspired by the clients’ unique personalities. They employ an otherworldly aesthetic, elevated by their own boutique flower farm. A high-touch client experience is their hallmark, paired with sustainable design practicesand a commitment to collaboration over competition. They currently serve weddings and events in Madison and Milwaukee.

● Marcela Kyngesburye (Madison, WI) Experiencing Being
Experiencing Being supports Leaders, Teachers and Survivors of Trauma have a better quality of life. We understand how losing the sense of purpose and feeling stuck has become a “new normal”. At Exeriencing Being we share awareness practices that allow for choices that open possibilities to reinvent yourself.

● Lili Caruso (Oregon, WI) The Layered Onion
The Layered Onion is a benefit corporation created to eliminate the stigma of mental health by sharing and promoting works by artists with lived experience. We facilitate a vibrant community of artists that grapple with emotional hurdles. Choosing to be an
artist can be daunting enough, but when you layer on health complexities it can be downright formidable. The Layered Onion eases the burden by providing a safe place to share, learn, network and promote your work.

All are welcome to attend the Showcase Event. Registration is free, with a $10 suggested
donation to support the non-profit to be able to continue to provide high-quality work
throughout the Wisconsin entrepreneurial community to ensure women entrepreneurs
from all backgrounds are able to thrive.

Registration link:

Applications for the Fall 2022 Triple Threat Venture Training program is open until August 2022. All women and/or LGBTQIA+ led, scalable ventures who fit within the early-stage
category of venture progress are encouraged and eligible to apply. Each program allows
up to 10 ventures to participate based on program fit collected within the program’s

More information can be found at

About Doyenne

Doyenne is a 501c3 non-profit founded in 2012 to address the gender gap within the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Wisconsin. Unlike other entrepreneur organizations, Doyenne takes an individualized, holistic approach in developing transformative entrepreneurial professional development learning opportunities. Our programming is focused on mobilizing a community for gender parity through our three pillars of success: Develop the Entrepreneur, Fund the Ventures, and Transform the Narrative. Ultimately,
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