Dept. of Workforce Development: Offers new resources for teens joining the workforce

MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has created a new resource for Wisconsin teens entering the workforce – the Welcome to the Workforce video library.

The Welcome to the Workforce videos feature teens discussing topics ranging from youth apprenticeship and working with a disability to workplace safety and what to do if harassed on the job. The videos are modeled after the Equal Rights Division’s popular 60-second videos and tailored for high school audiences.

“Teens are an important part of Wisconsin’s labor force and we want their first experience in the workplace to be safe and positive,” said DWD Secretary-designee Amy Pechacek. “As many of them prepare to enter the workforce for the summer months or upon graduation, we want them to know that DWD is here for them as well as the employers who hire them.”

Jesús Villa, DWD Equal Rights Division Administrator, said the videos help teens and employers understand their rights and responsibilities.

“The 60-second video format offers an engaging and accessible way to explore important topics,” Villa said. “From obtaining a work permit to understanding wage rights and working hours, the videos feature content developed by DWD subject matter experts and brought to life through the narration of some talented teens.”

The Welcome to the Workforce library is available on DWD’s YouTube channel. DWD will also distribute the video library to high schools and community programs around the state that work with teens and their families. The library currently has 12 videos and will continue to grow as additional topics get added.