Dept. of Workforce Development: New county workforce profiles offer latest labor market snapshots

MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has released new County Workforce Profiles, the latest available data at the local level through 2021, a valuable resource for all partners in labor, commerce and government, as well as the general public.

Every two years, DWD’s Office of Economic Advisors compiles and distills local data on all 72 counties. The snapshots have become an essential tool for economic development professionals, regional planners, researchers, business leaders, policymakers, students, and workers considering new employment opportunities.

The new profiles update the 2019 series and reveal the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the data and analysis set the stage for Wisconsin’s robust recovery, highlighting the resilience of the state’s workforce, the strength of its economy, and industries poised for the current job growth.

“The County Workforce Profiles are just one of the helpful tools the department offers to support employers, community leaders, and educational institutions as we work together to meet Wisconsin’s future workforce needs,” said DWD Secretary-designee Amy Pechacek. “Our labor market economists bring unique regional knowledge to their work and in addition to crafting the county profiles, they are available to help businesses and communities understand trends affecting labor markets and the economy.”

The wealth of labor market data and analysis for each county profile includes:
the latest census data and changing demographics, including figures for major municipalities:

employment by 11 industry sectors, with payroll totals and percentages;

occupational patterns within industries;

unemployment and labor force participation rates; and
average wages.

To access the county profiles and other critical data, visit the DWD WisConomy page. Select a county from the dropdown list and click on Go. Or try the County Profiles Dashboard. To reach a regional labor market economist, visit the workforce information staff directory.