Coolest Coast: Launches new community resource platform

MANITOWOC, WI – March 1, 2022 – Coolest Coast® is a multi-platform community resource created to promote the wonderful assets and welcoming charm of the Port Cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, and the Communities of Manitowoc County. A driving force of the vision is celebrating the beauty, character, and people of Manitowoc County and the unsurpassed quality of life along the lakeshore.  

The team at Coolest Coast has announced a new release of the web portal, which serves as a hub for discovering and exploring attractions and resources throughout Manitowoc County. The concept of Coolest Coast serves as a unifying approach and a broad view to accentuating the positive that exists throughout the communities of Manitowoc County, and making it readily accessible to residents and visitors alike in an online format across devices.  

With a renaissance of revitalization and a vibrant business sector, recognizes the importance of workforce attraction and retention to the overall health of our community, and features pages including “Find a Job” and “Grow a Business” with quick links to frontline community organizations such as Progress Lakeshore and the Chamber of Manitowoc County.  

Visitors to the web portal will find valuable content throughout, including videos that share the quintessential stories of organizations, businesses, attractions and events that make the communities of Manitowoc County special and a unique place to live, work and play. Accentuating the quality of life on the Coolest Coast demonstrates to the next generation the value of our greater Manitowoc County community and all the wonderful possibilities that come with living and visiting here.  

“Our mantra is ‘look at where we live’, and our passion for our community is evidenced in this new website,” stated Coolest Coast Co-Founder Jason Prigge. “The hardwork and dedication of our creative team has come to fruition in one of the most comprehensive websites about the Manitowoc County area. We look forward to collaboration with other like-minded organizations and businesses who share passion for the community.” 

“We invite you to enjoy navigating the exciting and informative content across this new site,” remarked Coolest Coast Co-Founder Tina Prigge. “And, exploring the adventures that await you on the Coolest Coast.” 

The Coolest Coast was started and financed in 2018 by Jason and Tina Prigge of Vagabond Creative Studio for the purpose of positively promoting the lakeshore area and embracing positive self-talk. For highlighting Manitowoc County through Coolest Coast, Jason and Tina Prigge were recognized as Manitowoc’s 2019 People of the Year by The Herald Times Reporter, and as the Progress Lakeshore 2020 Economic Accelerators of the Year. They also host a weekly show on Thursday mornings on WOMT Radio called After Further Review on the Coolest Coast.