CMRJB Workers United: Plover Starbucks workers demand union recognition

Plover, WI – Early Monday morning, the hourly workers of Starbucks, located at McDill Crossroads, demanded union recognition from CEO Kevin Johnson and local management. According to Workers United (an SEIU affiliate), an overwhelming majority of workers at the store signed union authorization cards. 

These baristas are the second in Wisconsin to join the Starbucks Workers United movement that has swept across the country. As of today, workers at the international coffee chain have filed for elections at dozens of other locations throughout the Midwest, including Cleveland OH, Ann Arbor MI and Oak Creek WI. 

In a letter signed by a majority of the cafe’s workers and e-mailed Friday to Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, the staff expressed expressed why they sought to organize their workplace: 

“Each side holds expectations for the other, and while we have been upholding our end of the bargain, we do not think Starbucks has been upholding theirs. We expect a work-life balance that allows us to enjoy life without worrying about basic human necessities like housing, transportation, health care, and food. We expect to be compensated fairly for the work we do, as workplace demands increase significantly each year. Simply put, our expectations are not being met.” 

Izzie Moritz, one of the McDill Crossroads baristas, had this to say about their decision to unionize: 

“This is our lives, our well-being, and happiness. Our campaign is a symbol of Starbucks’ failure to create the environment they advertise to the world about their work practices and promises. Our store is going to fight to uphold those promises.” 

Across the country, Starbucks workers are organizing with Workers United (SEIU). Please contact MC Floreani at (512)787-7357 or to arrange interviews with Starbucks workers.