Central Brown County Water Authority: Board votes to add Denmark as a member

(Allouez, WI) The Central Brown County Water Authority board voted unanimously in favor of the Village of Denmark becoming a member of the Authority.

“I’m pleased with the board’s support and looking forward to continuing to move the process forward with Denmark,” said Central Brown County Water Authority General Manager Nic Sparacio. “The village’s proximity to our water distribution system, and the goals the village wants to achieve, make Denmark a natural addition to our water system.”

The next step in the process is for the Village of Denmark to host a public hearing for the community to provide their feedback regarding the village joining the Authority. Following the public hearing, the village board will take a final vote on a resolution to become a member.

In recent years, the Village of Denmark has investigated and studied its current well situation and anticipated future drinking water needs to address the following concerns:

  • One of their two existing wells is over 80 years old and can no longer produce enough water to meet the required demand on its own.
  • The Village is growing, and there’s a need for a more reliable water resource, both in terms of water quantity and quality.
  • The Village’s firefighting response to large incidents could be limited by the water supply.

After a thorough review, the Denmark Village Board voted last September in favor of pursuing becoming an Authority member as it provides the best long-term solution for its residents and business community. The vote by the Authority board was the next step in the process.

The Central Brown County Water Authority is comprised of the communities of AllouezBellevueDe PereHowardLawrence and Ledgeview who are working to provide a quality water supply to their residents.