Bublr: Receives a $25,000 grant for B3 Workforce Development Program from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Milwaukee (February 23, 2022) – Bublr, Milwaukee’s nonprofit bikeshare operator, is proud to announce that a generous grant from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County’s Reducing Barriers to Employment Fund will allow Bublr to continue its B3 Workforce Development Program.

Bublr’s B3 Workforce Development Program is a career and employment program for young adults aged 14 to 21. The program is part of a partnership with DreamBikes and Boy & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee to provide students with hands-on career experience. While at Bublr the students learn the specifics of working on a bikeshare bike, learn about keeping the system balanced, and about customer service. So far more than 50 students have graduated from the program.

Three graduates of the program now work at Bublr including Kadeam Wilson, who is enrolled at UW-Milwaukee and runs Bublr’s portion of the program. Michael Ramirez-Sunstrom, Bublr’s Operations Manager and Kabayiza Ntirengenya, Bublr’s Lead System Technician, are also both program graduates.

“I’m super grateful for this grant,” said Kadeam, “I think it’s a big step for the B3 Program and providing more opportunities for the youth in the Greater Milwaukee Area. This grant will allow me to continue growing in my work at Bublr.”