BBB: Tip: 5 ways to support Black-owned businesses

Milwaukee, Wis. – As you recognize Black history throughout the month of February, take time to support and highlight the Black entrepreneurs leading trustworthy businesses and providing opportunities in your neighborhood. The continued success of Black-owned businesses is crucial to building thriving communities. 

Here are five ways to support Black-owned businesses in your community. 

1. Be more intentional about your purchases.

Create good habits by thinking more about where your purchases come from. Consider the stores and brands you support, and research how they interact with their community.

Taking the time to better understand where you shop not only helps you make better purchases but also drives the success of brands that do good in their communities. 

2. Leave a review for the business.

As one of the first places consumers look for information about a purchase, online customer reviews play a huge role in business success. Consumers check online reviews to see a business’s star rating and to get an idea of the general customer experience.

Writing a review for Black-owned businesses you love helps them establish a strong reputation and encourages other shoppers to do business there. 

3. Share their social media posts.

Online customer reviews aren’t the only place consumers look for business information. Many consumers first learn about businesses on social media, and they connect with businesses online to guide their purchase decisions.

Plus, most businesses say social media is their preferred place to build strong customer relationships according to Sprout Social. Sharing social media posts is one of the most reliable ways to introduce more people to Black-owned businesses. 

4. Buy gift cards for friends and family. 

Another way to introduce friends and family to your favorite Black-owned businesses is by buying them gift cards. Gift cards enable people to try something new without the stakes of spending their own money, and if they have a good experience, they might just become loyal customers. 

5. Support organizations that foster Black entrepreneurship.

Think beyond where you shop by supporting organizations that empower Black entrepreneurs. Many organizations provide education, mentorship and grant opportunities to underserved underrepresented communities.

By donating to or volunteering with these organizations, you can help Black business owners grow and achieve their goals. Visit to find organizations advocating for Black entrepreneurs in your community.

Black History Month is a great time to highlight Black-owned businesses, but you can make an even greater impact by making it a habit to support Black entrepreneurs year-round. When consumers support businesses that make a positive impact, the whole community is stronger.For more information or further inquiries, contact the Wisconsin BBB at, 414-847-6000 or 1-800-273-1002. Consumers also can find more information about how to protect themselves from scams by following the Wisconsin BBB on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.  ABOUT BBB: For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. In 2020, people turned to BBB more than 220 million times for BBB Business Profiles on 6.2 million businesses and Charity Reports on 11,000 charities, all available for free at There are local, independent BBBs across the United States, Canada and Mexico, including BBB Serving Wisconsin which was founded in 1939 and serves the state of Wisconsin.