ALPS Inspection: Introduces FlexPitch Duo leak testing system

(OAK CREEK, WI – April 5, 2022)  –  ALPS Inspection is announcing the introduction of the FlexPitch™ Duo, a first-of-its-kind dual head leak testing system. The new machine is designed to bring speed and flexibility to small container blow molding production lines. 

Leak testing is a critical part of the manufacturing process which verifies that each plastic container will seal and hold pressure. It guarantees protection from quality issues that random sampling cannot detect, ensuring better container integrity.

“Blow molding machines have become faster, and there was a need for a leak detection system that could quickly test more containers without sacrificing the quality of the testing,” said Andrew Steiner, Product Manager at ALPS Inspection. “We are excited to introduce the FlexPitch Duo because its unique dual head design allows manufacturers to test faster than ever before while ensuring the quality of their containers is uncompromised.”     

Space is an important factor for machines on production lines, and the FlexPitch Duo was designed to have as small a footprint as possible while still delivering superior speed and quality. With ALPS’ unique Nested Mode technology, two heads operate in the same space enabling the machine’s footprint to remain very small. Additionally, its size allows for quick and easy installs around existing conveyors, eliminating the need for modifications.

Features of the FlexPitch include:

  • Design catered for small container leak testing sizes 3mL up to 1.75L
  • Created to support faster lines and smaller container testing
  • Dual independent moving test heads occupy the same space, for a smaller footprint
  • Fast and simple installation
  • No line modification required; it installs around your existing conveyor
  • Flexible design makes it possible and easy to move from line to line
  • No bottle transfers required to and from separate leak tester conveyor(s) 
  • Full-color touch screen operation
  • 24-hour service support

“We are proud of our history developing innovative technology while maintaining product support that is second to none in the industry,” continued Steiner. “We look forward to continuing to provide the superior leak testing solutions our partners have come to expect from ALPS Inspection.” 

About ALPS Inspection

Air Logic Power Systems LLC (ALPS Inspection) is the market leader in manufacturing in-line leak inspection equipment for empty plastic containers of all sizes, shapes, and materials. For almost 50 years, ALPS Inspection has been collaborating with customers to provide leak testing solutions.