WPS Health Solutions: Stand Down Madison needs volunteers

Event is this Saturday, Oct. 9—200 volunteers are needed

MADISON, Wis.—Oct. 5, 2021—Stand Down Madison helps veterans experiencing homelessness. This week, the organization needs about 200 additional volunteers for its event on Saturday at the Salvation Army location at 3030 Darbo Drive, Madison, WI 53714.

The Stand Down Madison event offers veterans access to medical and mental health care providers, food pantries, clothing, hygiene items, and much more. Volunteers can sign up to help online at standdownmadison.org/volunteer.

“This is an opportunity for volunteers to make a real difference in the lives of the homeless and support our veterans,” said Scott Kowalski, WPS Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “After volunteering at this event, you will walk away knowing your efforts helped out a veteran in need.”

What do volunteers do?

Friday, Oct. 8, 2–5 p.m.: Load the trailer

Friday, Oct. 8, 5–10 p.m.: Setup tasks

Saturday, Oct. 9, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Event help

Saturday, Oct. 9, 1–3 p.m.: Cleanup tasks

Volunteer for specific event tasks

  1. Registration: Welcome veterans and complete initial paperwork.
  2. Security: Monitor all areas to ensure the safety of event volunteer participants.
  3. Buddy: Buddies are unique assets to the event. Pair up with veterans individually and guide them through each vendor at the event. Buddies are encouraged to eat meals with their veterans.
  4. Information table: Help volunteers, vendors, and participants navigate the event and available resources.
  5. Clothing: Help issue clothing to veterans.
  6. Transportation: Work with local drivers to organize rides for veterans leaving the event. This will include announcing when vans are leaving and assisting with public transportation.
  7. Exit survey: Collect information from volunteers, vendors, and participants for quality improvement at future events.
  8. Haircuts/barbering/stylist: Provide haircutting services for participants.
  9. Housekeeping: Ensure the space is kept clean and organized.
  10. Floating customer service: Be available to help provide information all over the facility and parking lot to ensure volunteers, vendors, and participants have a positive experience.
  11. Children’s daycare: Help in the childcare area. Any volunteer under the age of 18 will only be allowed to volunteer in this area. Child care will have its own space in the volunteer staging area.
  12. Other/as needed: The planning committee will utilize your skills to fill any gaps in areas for the event.

Anyone wanting more information can contact the following people:

  • Stand Down Madison—Angie Nickels: 608-301-5528
  • Madison VA Homeless Program—Molly Finnegan: 608-280-2095
  • Transportation to/from event RSVP—Lorrie Hylkema: 608-238-7901

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