Wisconsin Main Street Alliance: Wisconsin small businesses ask for Evers to veto AB336


Shawn Phetteplace

shawn@mainstreetalliance.org, 608-385-6488

Efforts to Cut Enhanced UI Based on Politics, Not Economics. Wisconsin Small Businesses Ask for Evers to Veto AB336.

Now that the legislative majority has passed a measure to strip Wisconsin families of much-needed enhanced unemployment insurance Main Street Alliance members in Wisconsin have a message for Governor Tony Evers: get your veto pen ready.

Here’s why. 

First off, the narrative being driven by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association, Speaker Robin Vos, Senator Howard Marklein, Rep. Mark Born and Senator Devin LeMahieuis based on a false premise. JPMorgan did an analysis recently that showed that these measures are based on politics, not economics. Read more here.

The fact is, lack of access to affordable childcare, industry disruptions as a result of the pandemic and lack of access to reliable transportation (which the majority is trying to cut) are the main drivers of worker shortages, not enhanced UI.

Want to actually do something that will help with the worker shortage? Make investments in families by passing the #Badgerbounceback budget at the state level and the #AmericanFamiliesPlan at the federal level. Anything else isn’t economics, it’s politics.