Wisconsin Main Street Alliance: Businesses come together on National Voter Registration Day to expand voter outreach

CONTACT: Shawn Phetteplace, [email protected], 608-385-6488

WISCONSIN – More than a dozen Wisconsin businesses are joining efforts on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, Sept. 28, to register voters and ensure small businesses have a voice. Member businesses in the Main Street Alliance network will be involved in efforts to register voters, including holding voter registration events, passing out voter information literature, sharing digital information to their networks, and more.

These businesses are putting their resources into voter registration efforts because they value civic engagement on the part of their employees. They understand that our democracy works best when everyone participates.

Shawn Phetteplace, the Wisconsin State Manager of Main Street Alliance, had this to say:“If we want to have a government that works for Main Street Alliance, then we need folks in our state to be able to use their voice and be involved in the democratic process. This past year has been very challenging for small businesses across our state and we know that the ability to use our voices is vital to recovering from the pandemic. As an alliance of small business owners across the state and on this National Voter Registration Day, we want to encourage all people across the state to get registered and use your voice.”

People rose up to vote in record numbers in the midst of the pandemic last year and proved that everyday people have the power to make their voices heard. Now, these local business owners are working together and continuing that momentum through voter outreach.


“In the last few elections, we’ve seen incredible power in people’s votes. Just one person casting a ballot is significantly influencing the decisions made for real families and small businesses at the local, state, and federal level. Just one vote is making decisions about our family’s health and safety during a pandemic, or what policies will help our business survive or doom it to failure.”-Becky Cooper Clancy of Bounce MKE