Wisconsin Budget Project: Wisconsin needs an equitable tax system

The challenges of the pandemic, the recession, and racial injustice have laid bare the degree to which we need to transform Wisconsin’s economy before we can say that everyone has access to opportunity.

We must use this moment of crisis to enact transformative change with the goal of constructing a new, more equitable economy. In the new economy, public investments will deliver what children need to reach their full potential, and our tax system will provide a level playing field for Wisconsin families and businesses.

Public resources should be invested in a way that broadly benefits everyone in Wisconsin. But right now, the state’s tax code is loaded up with a collection of special-interest tax breaks that siphons revenue away from where it is needed most, and instead directs it towards a small number of wealthy, well-connected individuals and big corporations who have rigged the system for their own benefit.

Our new budget agenda, Reimagine Wisconsin, lays out steps to clean up Wisconsin’s tax code, including:

  • Close tax loopholes that favor big corporations and the well-connected;
  • Reverse tax structures that uphold and reinforce structural racism; and
  • Increase and expand a state tax credit for working parents with low wages.

Visit Reimagine Wisconsin for an action plan on building an equitable tax system, investing in communities, and valuing every resident of Wisconsin. To remake Wisconsin, all of us need to be actively involved in imagining a new future for our state and our communities.