Wisconsin Budget Project: Invest in Wisconsin’s communities to build an equitable economy

The challenges of the pandemic, the recession, and racial injustice have laid bare the degree to which we need to transform Wisconsin’s economy before we can say that everyone has access to opportunity. We must use this moment to enact transformative change with the goal of reimagining a new, more equitable economy for Wisconsin.

One way to reimagine Wisconsin’s economy is to invest in our communities. After all, our economy is only as strong as the communities within it. We need to aggressively pursue strategies to make sure that all our communities can thrive and attract new residents and businesses—from the rural towns in the northwest to urban areas like Milwaukee and everywhere in between.

To make effective investments, state lawmakers should:

Our new budget agenda, Reimagine Wisconsin, lays out key strategies for moving Wisconsin forward on a path to an equitable economy. Visit Reimagine Wisconsin for an action plan on putting people first, investing in Wisconsin’s communities, and building an equitable tax system. To remake Wisconsin, all of us need to be actively involved in imagining a new future for our state and our communities.