WiscoBoxes: Building for growth with new space

The e-commerce gift box company that features Wisconsin-made products is adding 2000 square feet to its Mount Horeb headquarters.

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. — [ May 17, 2021] Site excavation for a 2000-square-foot addition to the building that houses WiscoBoxes at 305 E. Main St. is underway, it was confirmed today. The two-level addition, composed primarily of production and storage space, will accommodate WiscoBoxes’ recent and projected growth, said Founder and President Sarah Botham. WiscoBoxes is an e-commerce company that designs and curates elegant gift boxes featuring products sourced exclusively from Wisconsin growers, producers and manufacturers, for personal and corporate giving.

“While we’ve seen strong growth through each of the four years since our e-commerce site went live, 2020 was really the breakout year when this little business hit its stride,” Botham said. “Third and fourth quarter growth in particular — much of it from corporate buyers — left us bursting at the seams, and things haven’t really slowed since. We are eager to have some additional elbow room.”

A focus on Wisconsin-made products, elegant curation and attention to providing an extraordinary customer experience are the factors that have fueled the company’s growth, Botham said. The company now sources products from more than 200 vendors in more than 70 Wisconsin cities and continues to search for products to add to its growing portfolio. “We are particular about the products we choose, selecting for craftsmanship of course, but also for qualities that truly speak to the spirit of Wisconsin,” she said. “Every product and every box tells a story about Wisconsin and its people, places, heritage and quirky traditions. We’re proud of all that makes the Badger State the place we call home and we know that others want to share it with friends, colleagues, clients and loved ones near and far.”

WiscoBoxes’ expansion is also part of a vibrant Mount Horeb business climate that nurtures growth, Botham said. The building addition has been made possible in part, by TIF funding and a structure and facade grant from the Village of Mount Horeb. Independent of this assistance from the Village, however, the business has been entirely self-funded. “From the beginning I wanted WiscoBoxes to be independent and self-sustaining,” she said. “Rather than fueling growth with investor capital, we have relied on a fantastic team and the wise counsel and support of extraordinary people to see us forward. This building addition is key to serving our customers and broadening our reach throughout Wisconsin and beyond.”

Construction is slated for completion in September just in time for the busy holiday season. More information about WiscoBoxes’ products and services for personal and corporate gifting can be found at wiscoboxes.com or by calling 608.437.2202.