We Energies: Prevent natural gas meter damage during warm up

Milwaukee – The warmer temperatures this week are a nice break from the bitter cold, but they could present a dangerous situation to the natural gas equipment on your home. 

Melting snow and ice can slide off your roof and damage your natural gas meter, which can cause a loss of service or a gas leak. Use recommended tools, such as a roof rake, to remove snow buildup on your roof to help prevent this damage from happening.

Icicles pose another problem. When the temperatures are mild, icicles start dripping. A wet natural gas meter isn’t a problem, but an ice covered one is — and that’s what happens when the temperature drops again.
To avoid problems: Remove snow from areas above natural gas equipment.Remove icicles that may drip water onto the meter. Don’t kick or hit the meter to break away built-up snow or ice. Use a broom to gently brush snow and melted ice off the meter. If you smell a natural gas odor, leave the house immediately and call our natural gas emergency number at 800-261-5325.