Washington County Parks: To expand Leonard J. Yahr Beach in 2021

Washington County Land Use and Planning Committee recently approved a conditional use permit application for the expansion of Leonard J. Yahr Beach, the final authorization needed to make the project a reality in 2021.  The project was proposed as part of the County Executive’s 2021 recommended budget. 

“This project demonstrates our ability to improve our parks and amenities without reliance on tax dollars,” said County Executive Josh Schoemann. “Our parks and beaches never closed during COVID-19.  These revenue streams belong to park users who have continually desired a larger beach:  I am excited that their investments in our parks have made this expansion possible.  Erler lake is truly a gem in our community and we look forward to providing greater access to it while working to protect it at the same time.”

The plan includes expanding the beach from roughly 2,100 square feet to 10,200 square feet. The process includes removing trees and clearing brush along the shoreline.  Trees will be planted in the park to mitigate impacts for the removal of trees.  Community members can sponsor a tree by contacting 262-335-4445 for more information. 

Washington County Parks is also working to mitigate any impacts to the lake by increasing efforts on shoreline health and the creation of additional fish habitat in the lake as part of this project.  A second shelter is being discussed next year.  Work is anticipated to begin this week and be completed by June 1, 2020.  A grand opening event is being planned later this summer. The information in this email, and any attachments, may contain confidential information. Use and further disclosure must be consistent with applicable laws. However, if you believe you’ve received this email in error, delete it immediately and do not use, disclose or store the information it contains.

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