UW System: Statement from President Tommy Thompson on CDC antigen test study

MADISON, Wis.— University of Wisconsin System President Tommy Thompson today issued this statement on a new CDC antigen test study:

“We are pleased to have partnered with the CDC on the study the agency released today, which identifies the Sofia rapid-results antigen test as an appropriate use for congregate settings such as for our residence hall population. This study affirms the efficacy of our testing efforts to stop the spread of the virus, by enabling us to quickly identify students who may have the virus and quarantine them away from other students while administering a confirmatory PCR test. We established protocols last fall for symptomatic students to get a PCR test, which is consistent with results of this study. In addition, the accuracy of a negative result on the Sofia test allowed our students to live and study on campus successfully. We will embark on an even more aggressive testing program using the Sofia rapid-results test during the spring semester. We also continue to encourage members of the public to take advantage of our surge testing sites using the free Abbott BinaxNOW rapid-results test when they become operational again January 4.”