Trachte Building Systems, Inc: Retains certification for 4th consecutive year

SUN PRAIRIE, WI – Trachte Building Systems, Inc., parent company of Fire Facilities, Inc., has once again earned a positive assessment of its fabrication facility. Since 2017 the company has continually passed the independently-conducted on-site assessment, which leads to compliance with the requirements of the International Accreditations Service (IAS), Accreditation Criteria for Fabricator Inspection Programs for Structural Steel (AC473).

“We take this extra step to seek out bi-annual assessments of our products to assist our customers,” says Michael J. Kasten, PE, customer experience manager at Trachte Building Systems, Inc. out of Sun Prairie, WI. “This credible, independent third-party review of our structural materials is conducted by PFS-TECO.

“When we sell a structure into a specific location, oftentimes the jurisdiction requires third party inspection of its steel components. This IAS certification fulfills this need, making it easier for our customers to gain approval for products in their area.”

IAS and IBC Designations Earned

Kasten relates that having the IAS AC473 certification and achieving the IBC 1704.2 Standards removes an obstacle for potential customers looking to gain approval of adding steel fire training structures to their location.

“Auditors go into our production areas to make sure what we manufacture is coming from a credible steel supplier source. This process traces the material from a part right back to the steel mill where it was created. This detailed assessment guarantees the piece has the quality to stand up to the rigors in the field.”

Fire Facilities training structures are made with U.S. steel in Wisconsin. The conclusions of the bi-annual quality assurance audit have again resulted in the independent certification of materials used in Fire Facilities structures to meet strict IAS and IBC standards for engineering, procedures and materials.

“This designation and third-party audit separates us from other fire training structure manufacturers,” says Aaron Adams, president of Fire Facilities, Inc. “When a community looks to invest in dependable, top-quality fire towers and training units, this independent assessment tells them that Fire Facilities provides certifiably dependable steel products.”

Fire Facilities, Inc. (FFI), an ISFSI corporate sponsor, manufactures a full line of steel fire training structures engineered to withstand real-life firefighting conditions. From mobile units to burn rooms to high-rise towers, FFI training models are available in a multitude of configurations. Our parent company, Trachte Building Systems, is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of steel self-storage systems in the industry.  For more information, visit or call 800-929-3726.