THELMA: Hosts memorial event and art sale for local artist Judy Stevenson

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts is hosting a memorial event and art sale for Fond du Lac artist, Judy Stevenson. The memorial event for Judy Stevenson will be held on Friday, September 10 from 12 – 5 pm and will take place in THELMA’s Fountain City room. In addition, a video put together by Stevenson herself, will display several of her paintings. The artwork will be for sale throughout the duration of the evening and all proceeds will go to the John and Judy Stevenson Memorial Fund of the Fond du Lac Area Foundation which funds the arts. 

Stevenson was named Fond du Lac Artist of the Year in 2013. Shannon Kupfer, THELMA’s Art Curator says, “Her paintings are beaming with character. With a combination of vibrant hues and delicate brushwork, her paintings are of flowers, forest and sea life, abstractions, and more.”

Judy was a long-time art student and mentor to the Fond du Lac Senior Center artist groups. “Judy was filled with contagious positive energy and when in her company everyone laughed and giggled. There isn’t or wasn’t a more prolific watercolorist as far as I knew in Fond du Lac. She excelled in everything she tried and always strived to learn more and try new techniques. There was no end to her art passion,” fellow artist and friend of Judy’s, Faye Barber Schmuhl says. Another artist and friend, Pat Reiher, shares, “I knew Judy as a tennis teammate as well as an artist. We played on a ‘Volvo league’ tennis team for many years, even going to State! While a fierce competitor, Judy always had a big smile and infectious laugh to go along with her powerful serve! As an artist, Judy never stopped learning and trying new things. She was a prolific artist, bringing energy and freshness into her work, and every situation she encountered.”

Stevenson often strayed from traditional painting techniques, incorporating mixed media materials and printing using actual spiderwebs. “The results are truly extraordinary and unique. The vivid colors and forms immediately draw you in, while these special details and techniques keep you looking,” Shannon Kupfer says. Stevenson was also an avid photographer and gardener, continuously creating beauty wherever she went.

For more information on this memorial art sale please go to or call Shannon Kupfer at 920.921.5410.