ThedaCare: New partnership will focus on enhancing pediatric primary and specialty care in Northeast and Central Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

[NORTHEAST WISCONSIN] — Three leading healthcare organizations – Bellin Health,  Children’s Wisconsin and ThedaCare – are announcing a new pediatric joint venture  with a shared focus on improving the health and well-being of children and adolescents  in Northeast and Central Wisconsin, as well as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Through focused coordination, closer alignment, and resource investments, the  partnership will make a meaningful impact on the lives of children, adolescents, their  families, and the region’s communities.  

The organizations, which will remain independent entities and continue to be  responsible for the day-to-day operations of pediatric services at their clinics and  facilities, will work closely together to enhance pediatric primary and specialty care to  benefit children and adolescents in this growing region. Each partner organization will  play an essential role, with direct benefits to patients that include:  

• Bringing additional pediatric services and specialists to the region to expand  access to local, close-to-home care. 

• Reducing the need for children and their families to travel outside the region  when a higher level of care is needed.  

• Consistent, best-practice standards of care across each organization’s care  settings in the region. 

• Tailored child and adolescent services that meet community-specific needs  with the right resources, expertise, skilled providers and clinical staff,  technology and more. 

• Better and more efficient care through seamless care coordination and  tighter alignment across the three systems.  

“Through this partnership, we will create a destination for pediatric health and well-being  right here in Northeast Wisconsin,” said Imran Andrabi, MD, President and CEO,  ThedaCare. “By working together in new and innovative ways, we will make additional  pediatric services available closer to home for people in the region and provide a  consistent experience that utilizes best-practice standards of care for patients and  families across our organizations.”  

“While patients today will continue to see the providers they know and trust at the  locations in their communities, when patients need a higher level of care, this 

partnership will allow us to seamlessly transition that care through greater team  connectivity, shared processes, and more,” said Chris Woleske, President and CEO,  Bellin Health. “The result will be a better patient experience that saves families valuable  time, energy, and cost, allowing them to focus on what matters most — supporting their  loved ones.” 

“We are excited to partner with the excellent teams at Bellin Health and ThedaCare to  ensure more kids have local access to the care and services they need,” said Peggy  Troy, President and CEO of Children’s Wisconsin. “As Wisconsin’s only independent  pediatric health system, Children’s Wisconsin collaborates with health systems across  the state. We will continue to work closely with all of the organizations we do today and  are committed to serving as a critical ongoing resource for all our colleagues whose  patients need access to the care and services we provide.”  

Recognizing that pediatricians and family medicine providers are the vital home base for the children and adolescents the organizations serve, the joint venture will align each  partner’s existing primary and pediatric specialty care expertise. Importantly, the  partnership builds on the existing long-term relationships between Children’s Wisconsin  and ThedaCare, and between ThedaCare and Bellin Health.  

For instance, Bellin and ThedaCare have robust primary care networks that together  provide more than 180,000 pediatric care visits with nearly 430 providers across  approximately 70 locations throughout the region. Children’s Wisconsin has operated a  pediatric hospital, including a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Unit, at  ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah since 2001. It also offers dozens of pediatric specialties, including more than 20 in Northeast Wisconsin, and is one of the  top-ranked pediatric health systems in the country. Children’s also recently announced  plans for a new outpatient clinic representing a significant investment in the region. 

A Joint Operating Board with three representatives from each partner organization will  govern the joint venture. 

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