Shoreline Inclusive Camping: Lake Wisconsin outdoor recreational businesses partner to boost local travel

(POYNETTE, WI – April 6, 2021) Shoreline Inclusive Camping, a leading camping & boating outfitter & tour operator and Lake Wisconsin Resort, a well-known family owned & operated resort, have teamed up to provide  a one-of-a-kind experience for outdoor recreation enthusiasts traveling to the Lake Wisconsin area. 

Through the partnership, Shoreline Inclusive Camping (SIC) will begin operating from the Lake Wisconsin Resort, offering resort guests easy access to their pontoon cruises, sandbar day trips, shuttle bus tours, and overnight camping at a discount. Lake Wisconsin Resort will offer SIC clients easy access to cabin stays, parking, and stress-free launches. They will also have a place to go during inclement weather, allowing them to keep their travel plans in place. 

With more unique opportunities for travelers, the hope is to encourage more people to travel to the Lake Wisconsin area and explore the outdoors, boosting tourism and bringing customers to local businesses year long.


Shoreline Inclusive Camping, LLC provides unique, hassle-free experiences by removing barriers so everyone can enjoy the outdoors. SIC offers overnight camping trips, boat cruises, sandbar day trips, shuttle/party bus trips, and field guides for navigating the waterways.


Lake Wisconsin Resort is the largest capacity resort on Lake Wisconsin, offering a variety of cabin sizes. The resort is located on level ground on the eastern shore of Lake Wisconsin  just 20 minutes north of Madison, four miles off the interstate.