Saint Bibiana: Supports local artist Jimmy Cha Cha

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 17, 2021)—Recently opened Saint Bibiana, located at 1327 E Brady St and another addition to the Cataldo Bros.’ Brady Street establishments, sports a unique interior, partially thanks to the artwork of Milwaukee-born artist Jimmy Cha Cha. The establishment, named after the patron saint of hangovers, cements its theme through Jimmy Cha Cha’s work—numerous, stylized paintings featuring angels and angel wings.

“Saint Bibiana is an ideal venue to showcase local artists,” said Jeno Cataldo, Co-Owner and Operator of Saint Bibiana. “The decision to showcase Jimmy Cha Cha’s work at the restaurant was easy because it’s beneficial for both parties. Not only does the artist get exposure, but it also adds a special flair to our walls.”

Jimmy Cha Cha, also known as James Hartel, started his commercial career 22 years ago. His artwork, sculptures, and one-of-a-kind signs are featured in hotels, restaurants, lounges, and clubs across the United States, Europe, and beyond. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to this project; I hope that my work reflects the concept and spirit of Saint Bibiana,” said Mr. Hartel of his work and the restaurant.

Alongside Brady Street mainstays Jo-Cats Pub and Dorsia, Saint Bibiana is owned by Jeno and Lorenzo Cataldo and features its own distinctive style—much like its sister institutions—which is made richer by featuring local talent. 

Saint Bibiana is currently open every day from 11 AM – 2 AM and is continuing to hire for the following positions: Bartenders, Kitchen Staff/Line Cooks, and Doormen/Security. To apply, please visit


Saint Bibiana is Brady’s Street’s newest restaurant, located at 1327 E Brady Street. We serve tantalizing, high-quality dishes with the freshest ingredients. Saint Bibiana is named after the patron saint of hangovers. Bibiana was a martyr, and according to legend, the herbs that grew around her grave were used to treat common maladies—including hangovers.