Rotary Club of Milwaukee: Medical College of Wisconsin President, CEO Dr. John Raymond named 2021 Person of the Year

Milwaukee, June 1, 2021 – Rotary Club of Milwaukee has named Dr. John R. Raymond, Sr., Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) President and CEO, “2021 Person of the Year.” The award recognizes individuals who make an impact on the Milwaukee community through high ethical standards and professional contributions, rather than through charitable work.

Dr. Raymond brings a strong, collaborative spirit to his work at MCW and elsewhere in the greater Milwaukee area. He has long been known for his engagement with regional business leaders and community organizations as he aims to reduce health disparities throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin. In addition to this, during the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Raymond stepped in to serve as a trusted expert on health and science, guiding the community and fellow leaders through the realities of a pandemic with clear, data-driven knowledge.

“Dr. Raymond’s commitment to upholding science and promoting the expertise of other health experts has brought immeasurable value to our community,” said Jackie Herd-Barber, MCW Board Member and past President of Rotary Club of Milwaukee. “Dr. Raymond’s profile as a trusted source of information in our region has enabled a safe and responsible reopening of our economy.”

Dr. Raymond works to make Milwaukee one of the nation’s healthiest and safest cities, and last year, with his leadership, MCW, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Royal Capital Group announced a partnership that seeks to do just that. The ThriveOn Collaborative is a place-based investment that addresses social determinants of health by fostering greater synergy among community organizations, civic engagement, education, research and policy change. Dr. Raymond’s passion for and commitment to improving health equity and reducing health disparities were instrumental in forming this vision.

“Dr. Raymond continues to position the Medical College of Wisconsin as a leader in addressing social determinants of health in the community and finding collaborative solutions to health disparities among underserved populations.,” said Darren Miller, Rotary Club of Milwaukee President and President of JM Construction.

As a practicing nephrologist, Dr. Raymond continues to care for veterans needing healthcare at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center. Although his schedule was significantly impacted during the pandemic, he remained committed to his rounds at the VA, which take him away from his MCW office several weeks each year.

The Rotary Person of the Year Award has been recognizing Milwaukee leaders and their impact on our community since 1955.