Racine Health Dept.: Updates Safer Racine ordinance

City of Racine – Today, Dottie-Kay Bowersox, the City of Racine Public Health Administrator, released a revised version of the City’s “Safer Racine” ordinance which allows for increases in capacity limits on venues, special events, and mass gatherings. 

The update to the ordinance includes: 

  • Increases indoor and outdoor capacity limits to 100% capacity in venues and facilities for normal operations as long as 6 feet social distancing can be maintained. 
  • For indoor and outdoor mass gatherings and events the total number of persons allowed on a premise (indoors and outdoors combined) will not exceed the 100% indoor capacity (based on occupancy permit) or 1500 persons (up from 200 persons), whichever is less, and is only permitted if social distancing of 6ft can be maintained 

The full document can be found here: https://www.racinecoronavirus.org/reopening/  

The updated ordinance does not change or impact the City’s mask ordinance, which currently remains in place through June 30, 2021. 

City of Racine Public Health Administrator, Dottie-Kay Bowersox issued the following statement with the release of the updated ordinance: 

“I am optimistic, as we move into the summer months, members of this community will continue to get vaccinated and that transmission rates of COVID-19 will decline. The vaccine is now widely available and individuals age 16 and above are eligible. Within our public health jurisdiction, nearly 30 percent of all eligible residents are fully vaccinated and approximately 40 percent have had at least their first dose of vaccine. Couple this with the continued use of masks and following CDC guidelines, restrictions can continue to be loosened. At the same time, if vaccination numbers stagnate and people stop wearing masks there is the potential that cases will increase once again, which could lead to a tightening of restrictions. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone in the community get vaccinated and continue to wear a mask. Each of us has a personal responsibility to help protect the health of our community and if parades and festivals are to return, everyone who is applicable must get vaccinated. I appreciate everyone’s efforts and sacrifices and hope to see these trends continue to grow in the right direction in the coming weeks.”   

Racine Mayor Cory Mason also issued the following statement as the Health Department loosens restrictions: 

“Like everyone in the community, I want to move beyond COVID-19 and return to normal life. When I look at the data, I am optimistic that we are moving in the right direction. If we can continue to build momentum, administer more vaccine, and continue to wear masks for just a little while longer, we can beat this virus. We can get parades, festivals, concerts, and all of the events we have missed for more than a year back – but first, we must get vaccinated. Everyone above the age of 16 is now eligible to get vaccinated, and vaccine is readily available, so please, go get vaccinated. Let’s make the summer of 2021, the summer Racine beat COVID.” 

The Public Health Administrator is given the authority to make such modifications to the City of Racine ordinance known as Safer Racine by the City of Racine Common Council. Safer Racine is authorized to remain in place through June 30, 2021. The updated Safer Racine document can be found at www.racinecoronavirus.org. Questions about the ordinance can be directed to [email protected] or 262-636-9201.