Public Service Commission of Wisconsin: Commissioner Huebner commends NARUC for adopting the 2021 Energy Efficiency Resolution

Contact: Jerel Ballard, 608-266-9600

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MADISON – Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC or Commission) Commissioner Tyler Huebner expressed his gratitude to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) for the passing of the 2021 Energy Efficiency Resolution. During its annual conference held in Louisville, Kentucky, Commissioner Huebner sponsored the resolution entitled ‘Increasing the Role of Energy Efficiency in Achieving Cost-Effective Energy Supply and Decarbonization,’ adopted by the NARUC Board of Directors, which can be found here.

“As our state pursues the goal of achieving 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050, this resolution establishes why cost-effective energy efficiency will be a critical component of those efforts,” said PSC Commissioner Tyler Huebner. “I am extremely proud to support this resolution, and grateful the NARUC Board of Directors supported its passage. This resolution outlines the foundation for how utilities, customers, advocates and regulators can work together to support innovative efficiency approaches that can save money and decrease our carbon footprint.”

The resolution recommends NARUC member states consider the following principles:

  1. Utilities and States should take action to maximize the impacts of energy efficiency programs for controlling energy costs and rates, and, where applicable, cost-effectively achieving decarbonization;
  2. States should leverage utilities’ relationships with their customers to help effectively implement energy efficiency programs and achieve maximum impacts;
  3. Planning frameworks and modeling tools should be designed to reflect research findings on energy efficiency costs and decarbonization impacts and ensure energy efficiency opportunities are accurately and appropriately considered in utility and commission decisions related to resource planning; and
  4. Utilities should explore options to provide customers with real-time consumption data, which can help encourage behavior-based savings and encourage deeper participation in energy efficiency offerings.

NARUC is the national association representing the State Public Service Commissioners who regulate essential utility services. NARUC members are responsible for assuring reliable utility service at fair, just, and reasonable rates. More information about NARUC can be found here