PDS: Receives KLAS distinction for service desk offering

MILWAUKEE – PDS is delighted to announce that in this fast-paced post pandemic era, the organization has been recognized as a niche firm top performer in the recent KLAS May 2021 Application Management & Help Desk Services Performance Report.

KLAS provides accurate, honest and impartial insights for the healthcare IT industry. The 2021 Application Management (AMS) & Help Desk Services Report divides firms into 3 categories — expansive, broad, and niche firms — and examines which firms execute well and drive outcomes in AMS and help desk engagements. KLAS performed a rigorous review of PDS prior to determining the organization’s status as a niche firm top performer.

“We are pleased to include their Service Desk offerings in our reports and ratings this year, and we will continue to work closely with PDS to provide counsel on how to continue to provide excellent service to their clients,” said Ryan Oliver, KLAS Research Director.

PDS customers who were interviewed as part of the review process shared their perspectives on the organization, describing PDS as a supportive partner with a staff that is empathetic and knowledgeable when speaking with patients.

In recent months, PDS has experienced an increasing demand among its healthcare customer base for quality help desk end-user services. As a result, PDS continues to grow its team while maintaining its focus on the patient experience. The PDS Service Desk provides EMR/EHR as well as telehealth patient outreach and support, a high-demand service due to the pandemic.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the PDS Service Desk has hired 60 individuals, a 55% increase in staffing, to accommodate the influx in demand for support, including an increase of 40,000 – 50,000 interactions each month, mainly concerning COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Our seasoned Service Desk team has been doing an extraordinary job serving our clients for over a decade, and we are thrilled now to be KLAS rated,” adds Dr. Asif Naseem, PDS President and CEO. “As we are seeing no slowdown in this demand for our services coming out of the pandemic, we are very excited for the future of this vital practice.”

About PDS:

PDS is an information technology and services provider that assists clients in healthcare, corporate, and public sectors by engaging in early-stage strategies and leverages technical expertise to implement a variety of solutions and provide ongoing support and services. PDS is headquartered in Brookfield, WI, with additional offices in Madison, WI; Oconomowoc, WI; and Minneapolis, MN. Learn more at pdsit.net.