NFIB: Urges Governor to Sign Bill Protecting Small Business from Frivolous Lawsuits

CONTACT: Emily Carlson, Senior Media Manager, 907-891-4331 or [email protected] or Bill Smith, State Director in Wisconsin, 608-516-9872 or [email protected]

MADISON – Wisconsin’s leading small business association, NFIB, or the National Federation of Independent Business, commends the Legislature for passing much needed liability reform for small businesses who comply with local, state and federal COVID-19 health requirements. 

“Small business owners here in Wisconsin are encouraged by the latest vote. It’s a signal to our small business community that the legislature understands the difficulties and challenges they face during this unprecedented crisis,” said Bill G. Smith, NFIB State Director in Wisconsin. “Our small business owners in Wisconsin are grateful their lawmakers are deeply concerned they may become victims of lawsuits as they struggle with the financial challenges, regulatory burdens, and economic uncertainty associated with reopening and rebuilding their businesses.”

 A recent NFIB survey found if economic conditions do not improve in the next six months, one in four small business owners will go out of business. That’s why they need Wisconsin lawmakers to act now. NFIB survey results here in Wisconsin show that 96% of members support legislation that protects small businesses from unmerited COVID-19 related lawsuits. Even though Wisconsin’s small business owners are doing everything they can to keep their customers and employees safe, simply fighting a lawsuit could put the that small business in danger. The last thing our hard-working mom and pop shops need is to fend off a costly frivolous lawsuit. It’s nothing but a shakedown intended for small business owners to quickly settle rather than take their case to court.