Neville Public Museum: Beauty of the Beasts – animal art exhibition opening this Saturday!

Green Bay, WI—June 21, 2021— Beauty of the Beasts: Animal Artis the Neville Public Museum’s’ newest internally curated exhibit focused about animals in art. This exhibit provides the museum the opportunity to present over 140 original art pieces from the permanent collection housed at the Neville Public Museum. The artwork is complemented with an installation by Green Bay artists known as the Fab Collab.

“I am very excited for visitors to experience Beauty of the Beasts,” said Kevin Cullen, Deputy Director and Co-Curator of the exhibit.  “For generations animals have appeared in the visual arts in everything ranging from decoration to symbols and allegories. This exhibit gives us the opportunity to highlight fun animal facts and showcase art from our collection that historically have not been on display in this type of presentation.”

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