MKESports Alliance: Partners with New Horizons to launch inaugural esports and IT workforce development program

MILWAUKEE – The first of its kind in WI and among only a handful in the United States, the workforce development campaign is seeking to harness the once-in-a-generation explosion of interest in competitive gaming (Esports) from the Gen Z and Millennial demographics to provide an inclusive, accessible path for those who may not otherwise get the opportunity.

In addition, the program also seeks to address the well-documented workforce needs of Wisconsin’s tech industry by connecting a new generation of job seekers to careers in IT.

“Working with the Wisconsin’s local workforce development boards, the Wisconsin Workforce Development Association’s Talent Development Council, we’ve assembled an exciting team,” said Brandon Tschacher of the MKEsports Alliance. “We’ve pulled together training providers with experience and curriculum to help candidates get the skills they need, a pipeline of diverse job seekers looking for opportunities and the employers on the back end looking to hire.”

 From partner Experis Gaming (A Division of Manpower), who plans to add 100+ jobs over the next 12 months in their Quality Assurance division in Milwaukee:

 “We’re incredibly exited to get a chance to interview and work with the participants who come out of this new program to help fill our Quality Assurance and Gaming roles as we grow in the Milwaukee area. Having a background in gaming, alongside IT make for great characteristics in the positions at our organization.We anticipate a deeply beneficial partnership, for both organizations, in the years to come,” said Gavin Kennedy Sr Director, Game Solutions at Experis.

“It’s widely known that there is a gap between the tech jobs employers are offering and available workers to fill them,” said Abbey Diedrich of New Horizons.

“We’re excited to be able to provide a creative solution that combines filling jobs in the near term and creating inclusive access to education that can lead to either a career or even starting a business in a space they love (gaming) in the longer term.”

Throughout the development of this program MKEsports Alliance has emphasized the important need for accessibility and opportunity for individuals of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds.

“One of the greatest parts of gaming culture, is it’s availability and playability across all ages, races and genders. There is no question the next generation and to some degree even previous, use gaming as a focal point for connecting, interacting, and living life together. However, while the gaming is equitable and accessible, the path to getting an education or experience from a career perspective – has not been. Our sincere intention to help start breaking down those barriers with this program,” said Tschacher.

More information about the program, scholarship opportunities and how to enroll can be found online