Milwaukee Repertory Theater: SoundStage MKE, a free audio play walking tour, is now live

Milwaukee, Wis – June 11, 2021 – Milwaukee Rep is proud to present SoundStage MKE an audio play walking tour set against the backdrop of Milwaukee’s Downtown. Milwaukee native and Indigenous playwright Marisa Carr (Reconciliations), writer Deanie Vallone, sound designer and composer Andre Pluess and director May Adrales take listeners on an aural journey through the streets of the city. People can experience the history, humor, and hidden treasures of beloved landmarks and locales as they listen to imagined plays and fascinating “Soundbytes” during a socially distanced walk or from the comfort of home. SoundStage MKE is available free on now through the summer of 2023 so anyone can take advantage and explore at their own pace.

SoundStage MKE begins at the Central Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library (814 W. Wells St.) with stops at Fiserv Forum, Pfister Hotel and ending at the War Memorial Center (750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive). The tour has been divided into four audio sections and can be enjoyed in any order, or split up into multiple days/listening sessions or all in one session.  The total tour is roughly 3 miles long with many stops along the way.

Each four sections include an individual original audio play written by Marisa Carr and informative “Soundbytes” written by Deannie Vallone.  The plays include:

–          The Books performed by Raymond Lee and Sola Thompson.
Jessie and Alex ditch school to go to…the library? A series of misunderstandings lead these two high schoolers to the most unexpected place.

–          Bridge Wars, A Short Historical Comedy on the Origins of the City of Milwaukee performed by Lillian Castillo, Sun Mee Chomet, Tiffany Rachelle Stewart and DeLanna Studi.

Bridges. Bombs. Beavers. The history of Milwaukee’s founding–and why none of the streets or bridges line up–is more ridiculous than you can imagine!

–          The Night Shift performed by Michael Doherty and James Austin Williams.

Gary has worked at the Pfister for 30 years; Kurt’s on his first day. What the two of them discover on their night shift together will surprise them both.

–          The War at Home performed by Jake Hart and DiMonte Henning. 

Against a background of uprising and social unrest, two Iraq veterans search for their roles in the war being fought in their own backyard.  

SoundStage MKE is sponsored by Executive Producers Judy Hansen and Camille & David Kundert.

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