Midwestern Bioag: Partners with Grower’s Edge to offer risk-free warranty for growers with the mba challenge

JOHNSTON, IOWA AND BLUE MOUNDS, WIS – Midwestern BioAg, a fertilizer company specializing in sustainable agriculture and agronomic solutions, in March announced a partnership with financial technology company Growers Edge to provide growers with an innovative, warranty-backed agronomic offer.

“We’re confident the Midwestern BioAg (MBA) Challenge will allow growers to see the potential of our proven products while providing peace of mind and confidence as they make decisions to use our products in their fields,” said Michael Birger, President and Chief Executive Officer of MBA. “Our partnership will open doors for growers to adopt new technologies that will help boost yields, increase profitability and improve soil health.”

Midwestern BioAg has over 35 years of experience in product development and testing in the sustainable agriculture industry. Growers Edge partners with agricultural input suppliers and retailers across the U.S. to deliver relevant solutions to meet the agriculture industry’s ever-changing demands. This plan allows growers to use progressive technology and products without any risk involved.

“The MBA Challenge is an exciting opportunity to bring a new approach to the agriculture industry with a warranty-backed offer tailored to meet the needs of Midwestern BioAg and their growers,” said Tracy Linbo, Chief Commercial Officer of Growers Edge. “An offer like this helps growers manage the risk involved with new technologies, without limiting the upside potential for them when yields exceed expectations.”

About Midwestern BioAg

MBA is headquartered in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, with locations in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio. MBA’s offering of field-proven products feed a balanced mineral diet to the soil and crop, which stimulates soil life and enhances nutrient-use efficiency. Their products

and approach address a farm’s yield-limiting factors with balanced fertilizer blends that go beyond NPK to include calcium, sulfur and micronutrients such as boron, magnesium and manganese. Visit: www.midwesternbioag.com or follow on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more information.

About Growers Edge

Growers Edge delivers grower income assurance through data-driven financial technology products, solutions and tools for the agricultural sector. Empowering growers to adopt new technologies to increase profitability, Growers Edge solves the financial gaps of growers by

changing how agricultural inputs and services are sold and financed, allowing them to capture more value and improve profits. Led by a proven team of agricultural and lending leaders and backed by top agricultural technology, the company is headquartered in Johnston, Iowa. Learn more at www.growersedge.com.