Metal Art of Wisconsin: Honoring those who served

When Wisconsin native Shane Henderson began a weekend project with his son in their tiny Manitowoc garage, little did he realize that he was about to take a four-year journey, called The American Dream. Shane’s hobby of making metal American flag wall decorations was a natural outpouring for both his passion for the metalworking craft, and his enormous sense of patriotism. Having his son work with him was just a way to get some quality time together and for Shane to pass on the skills he had learned over the years. Creating these pieces for at first, his own home, and then for family and friends, was reward enough for Shane, but when his son suggested posting some of their creations on social media, things really began to take off.

Shane and Justis are extremely grateful for all of the success they have made so far, that is why they give back to our country’s heroes through their project “Flags For Fortitude”, a charitable program that donates personalized flags and patriotic metal art to “heroes” that are nominated on their website Veterans, Police Officers, First Responders, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, anyone who is a “hero” and making a difference in their community.

When there was the terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Shane’s team made 13 mahogany & maple wavy flags for the families of those lost in the terrorist attack in Afghanistan. They were able to contact each of the families and customize each steel plaque with their wishes and prayers.

They also made 17 personalized wood & steel flags for those injured in the attack. They requested the fallen to be commemorated rather than a plaque or picture of themselves. (that gives me a lump in my throat just repeating that) 

This has been an extremely emotional project for Shane’s team and they put everything they had into making sure each flag is flawless. They are super honored to be able to commemorate their loved ones. 

13 wavy flags = 4 foot mahogany & maple wavy flag with inlaid maple stars. Hand sanded, hand oiled and finished by hand. Each has engraved steel plaques with pictures and ranks along with their branch of military.

17 flags: 4 foot, hand oiled, hand burned pine with inlaid 16 gauge steel. Each one has an engraved steel plaque with all 13 of the fallen heroes.

All of them………made with love.


This is by far their biggest Flags for Fortitude project to date. This Veterans day, give gratitude to those who have sacrificed nearly everything on the frontline, displaying exceptional strength, dedication, selflessness and above all…..FORTITUDE in their community. Nominate someone for Flags For Fortitude as they are putting major emphasis on veterans. 

Products are shipped 100% free of charge…..all they ask in return is a picture of the recipient with their new flag.

“Giving back to those who give so much”

Nominations can be emailed to [email protected]. Please include a short description of what your hero did or does on a daily basis. Feel free to include pictures or links to help tell your hero’s story. They are reviewed and recipients chosen daily, flags are shipped daily.  and