Marquette University: Partners with The Milky Way Tech Hub to launch second cohort of product development program for Black, Latinx and Hispanic led startups

The Milky Way Tech Hub and Marquette University are partnering for the second cohort for the No Cost Product Development program. This program aims to address the current funding and resource gaps that exist in Milwaukee’s tech ecosystem especially for Black, Latinx and Hispanic founders.  The partnership between Milky Way Tech Hub and Marquette also intends to accelerate civic tech in the city of Milwaukee by focusing on social impact-based tech companies. 

Marquette University’s senior Principles of Design class, which aims to educate students on the entire software development lifecycle, will continue to contribute to Milwaukee’s tech ecosystem by offering no-cost product development to startups while gaining the experience of working with startups in several trending industries.

Dr. Dennis Brylow, Vice-Chair of Marquette Computer Science, says, “This continuing collaboration meets both our specific department mission to better prepare our computer science majors, for their professional lives, and our larger university mission to act as a force for positive change in our community.  Through Milky Way Tech Hub, our students gain access to a vibrant pool of innovative doers and thinkers right here in the heart of our city.  Over the course of their capstone projects, they get first-hand experience in applying their technical skills to solutions with genuine impact.”

Startups who wish to apply for the Milky Way Tech Hub Product Development Program must do so before the October 8th deadline.

Apply here:

About Milky Way Tech Hub

The Milky Way Tech Hub aims to realize the narrative that Milwaukee is a tech hub where Black people and POC are able to thrive in the field of technology. Through venture pitch events, community online workshops and a concierge accelerator, The Milky Way Tech Hub has begun attracting national and international entrepreneurs to Milwaukee in addition to supporting the local talent already here. The Milky Way Tech Hub’s goal is to use its resources, programs, and community partnerships to create equitable opportunities for Milwaukee’s tech ecosystem.

About Marquette University Computer Science Department

The Computer Science department at Marquette University is home to majors in computer science, data science and bioinformatics, as well as masters and doctoral-level programs.  The ABET-accredited bachelors in computer science offers students a rich introduction to the central ideas and methods used in construction of modern software systems, as well as a firm grounding in the social impacts and ethical concerns that arise when computing systems intersect with the real world.  The department is an active champion for increasing access to computing curricula in Milwaukee Public Schools, and frequently seeks opportunities for faculty and students to engage in the broader Milwaukee community.