Market Wagon: The Wethals and 55+ other Madison-area food producers announce delivery options with online farmers market

Fresh LOCAL food conveniently available to every home in eight-county region throughout the winter with Market Wagon

If you’re searching for a solution to a global supply chain crisis exposed by the pandemic last year (and may be ramping up again with the Omicron variant), you don’t have to look very far. In fact, start by looking at Nap-N-Hill Farm in Stoughton, owned by Amanda and Scott Wethal.

They both grew up in the dairy farm industry helping to milk and feed cows and calves, as well as harvest hay and corn. Scott bought his own farm in 2008. Amanda met Scott soon after and the rest is history, including their three children.

There’s been unprecedented customer demand for Nap-N-Hill beef since the pandemic began, especially since the Wethals joined Market Wagon earlier this year. With all of Nap-N-Hill’s products processed within 10 miles of the farm, there’s no need to rely on clogged ports or truck driver shortages to keep your fridge stocked.

You can (and should) think local.

This is where Market Wagon comes in. It’s an online farmers market with a mission to enable farmers and food producers like Amanda and Scott to thrive in their local markets. In real terms, it means Nap-N-Hill can use Market Wagon to introduce their ground beef, ribeye steaks and stew meat to customers in cities like Madison, Janesville, Wisconsin Dells, Beaver Dam and Dodgeville, etc. without having to pay for costly shipping or delivery. Overall, more than 55 local vendors use the platform to offer almost 700 products each week, everything from carrots, milk, cage-free eggs, cheese and steaks to meals like apple walnut crisp cereal and luscious desserts like dark chocolate mint honey patties.

For the Wethals, partnering with Market Wagon means Amanda and Scott save countless hours of valuable family time by not having to rely on in-person farmers markets or other events for an uncertain amount of profit. Plus, there’s the personal satisfaction that comes from helping people pursue a farm-to-table lifestyle who may be unable to make it to a farmers market, especially during the winter months.

So as alarm bells sound and travel restrictions begin again this week, think outside the nationwide chains and big box stores. There are other options to feed your family, all while supporting Wisconsin family farms like Nap-N-Hill. They guarantee you’ll taste the difference.

For help in arranging an interview with the Wethals or another local farmer, chef or artisan in Wisconsin benefitting from a partnership with Market Wagon, please contact Dan Klein at (317) 384-4822.


Market Wagon transforms the farm-to-table concept into a farm-to-front-door reality. Its mission is to enable food producers to thrive in their local markets by operating as an online farmers market. Market Wagon partners with more than 2,500 local farmers and artisans to take their produce and products the very last mile to the doorstep of 45,000+ local customers. Farmer and tech entrepreneur Nick Carter teamed up with logistics expert Dan Brunner to start Market Wagon in 2016. It’s now available in more than 35 markets across Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.For more information, visit, or you can follow the company’s FacebookInstagramTwitter, or YouTube.