Main Street Alliance: 100 Days – Main Street’s Priorities

Contact: Sarah Crozier
[email protected], 303-868-9600

Hello! Wanted to make sure you saw that this event is featuring speakers from Wisconsin (Kriss Marion). Feel free to register for the recording, or reach out for interviews.

Open to Media:

TODAY, February 4th – 1pm ET

A conversation with Jessica Fulton, Vice President of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and small business owners across the country. Moderated by Main Street Alliance Government Affairs Director Didier Trinh.

Join us today, February 4th for a discussion about small business priorities in the first 100 days of the Biden Administration. What is needed in this current ongoing crisis, and what will set up our communities and Main Streets to thrive for the future.

*Call is open to Media Questions*


The conversation will highlight the need for robust investment in our economy and small businesses, both for this current crisis, and to ensure small businesses from all communities can thrive. Highlighted topics will include:

  • Protecting and rebuilding businesses devastated by COVID, focusing on hardest-hit businesses and those excluded from earlier relief programs.
  • Addressing capital, credit, and business development needs of the country’s small businesses.
  • Leveling the playing field for small businesses by supporting a safety net for small businesses and their employees.
  • Reining in monopolies and reversing corporation concentration.