LetsTHRIVE360: Change Starts with 1 Challenge looks to bring positive change to 2021

BELOIT, Wisconsin — Altruize by LetsThrive360 has partnered with numerous organizations and businesses to bring about positive change for the year 2021.

The Change Starts with 1 Challenge demonstrates how one small action can lead to a larger, positive change within communities where individuals and businesses take the challenge. The challenge promotes the importance of exercising one’s altruism.

The FREE Altruize app enables individuals across the nation to create a life-long story of community service and volunteering. The app allows volunteers a paperless way to track and verify their volunteer hours.

Nicole Sdao , Founder and CEO of Altruize by LetsTHRIVE360, said how change truly does start with one.

“It’s one person doing one action in one hour that can be powerful enough to change lives,” Sdao said. “When someone exercises their altruism, they ‘Altruize’. The Altruize app was created to be an accountability partner for those who want/need to be intentional about the good they’re doing in their communities; just like Fitbit keeps you accountable for the number of steps you’re taking.”

Numerous organizations and businesses have partnered with Altruize by LetsThrive360 to introduce their own communities to the Change Starts with 1 Challenge. Aligned with a similar mindset to the Altruize team, these partners wish to make a better future while bringing about positive change within their communities.

Partners have shown interest from all across the country. Christine Hasbrouck from The Grey Swan Inn in Blackstone, Virginia has expressed her support for the Change Starts with 1 Challenge.

“Altruize app is going to make my life so much simpler in tracking my in-kind hours for the different nonprofits I work with. In-kind hours are essential for grant reporting.” Hasbrouck remarks.The ease of utilizing the app is just one of many perks when you join the Change Starts with 1 Challenge. Altruize is giving away monthly prizes for those who take the challenge by downloading the free app, creating an account, and volunteering for at least 1 hour with a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

If you take away any life lesson from this app, the Altruize team wants people to realize how change starts with the power of one. One hour of volunteering can be powerful enough to change lives.

Jeff Hitzler with Updeeds, a Social Enterprise dedicated to introducing more people to the nonprofits around them, remarks on the importance of taking the challenge.

“What could be better [than] helping others and a chance to win prizes. It’s a win win.” remarks Hitzler.

As 2020 comes to a close, the Altruize team and its partners encourage you to download the FREE Altruize app and take the Change Starts with 1 Challenge yourself and start making positive changes in the year 2021.

If you would like to join the FREE Change Starts with 1 Challenge and begin tracking your own volunteer journey, visit https://www.changestartswith1.com/ for official rules.