Kundinger: Celebrates 60 years of innovation

NEENAH, Wis. (Feb. 10, 2021) – Kundinger, a Wisconsin and Michigan-based company delivering fluid power, automation, process control and product solutions to a wide range of industries, commemorates its 60th anniversary in 2021, citing innovation, adaptability and relationships as the foundation for the company’s longevity.

“Kundinger began in a single-family home – it’s incredible to see what it is today,” Paul Kundinger, president of Kundinger, said. “Since 1961 we’ve pushed the envelope of what is possible, which is why Kundinger has grown to be a trusted solutions provider for customers throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.”

Over the last six decades, Kundinger has established long-standing relationships with its customers, vendors and partners by mastering adaptability and staying on top of the latest technology trends.

“Kundinger started as a traditional fluid power distributor, but we have an amazing ability to adapt and add new technology to our offerings,” explained Kundinger. “We have customers that have been with us for the better part of our 60-year history because we continue to find new and innovative ways to serve them.”

Kundinger understands relationship building is about more than just partnering with companies, it’s about building trust and doing what’s best for the customer, every time.

For more information on Kundinger’s offerings, contact Kundinger at 1-800-242-4811 or visit kundinger.com.