Heid Music: Hearty rental season showcases partnerships between local businesses and schools to help support music education

MADISON, WI. (September 15, 2021) — Heid Music is in the full swing of the back-to-school season and is passionately committed to supporting music education in our communities.

As children are getting more comfortable in classrooms again, there is one thing for certain: our kids need a win. As a community, we need to support the programs that help foster the “win” through successful teamwork, expressive development and healthy emotional growth. Music education in our schools has proven to be a catalyst, not just to what is listed above, but to improve cognitive abilities and overall well-being. When it comes to school curriculum, music education is as important a subject as math or science, based on what supports the development of a well-rounded education. Music education is accompanied by important lessons and values that young people should be learning, such as self-discipline, confidence, and dedication. Studies have shown that students that were involved in music programs at school scored higher overall academically than students with no musical background.   

As the DC Everest Senior High Band Teacher, Joe Finnegan is fervent about the role music plays in the life of his students. “One of the most obvious benefits of students studying music is that they become more creative. Also, studies have shown that music education can help children better control their emotions and help manage anxiety.” 

In order to support a positive experience this academic year, Heid Music has been tirelessly preparing all band and orchestra instruments by having their experienced repair staff clean and inspect each item individually. They also have been working with community educators to be sure that all essential accessories are available for parents and children who grow weary of the back-to-school supply hunt. With changes in everyday educational experiences, they have been sure to keep up on PPE requirements of the school districts in the area and making sure those products are easily accessible as well, as there should be no reason why a child should have to miss out on a musical experience. By prioritizing this preparation, this back-to-school season is more about a musical connection and less about shopping anxiety.  

Heid Music’s in-store specialists, appropriately named “Music Enthusiasts”, get almost sentimental during the back-to-school season as it pin-points in their memory the moment that they themselves grew to love music and reflect on how it has impacted their life since. The change in the atmosphere is palpable as you see the excitement on the face of a Heid Music employee as they share their musical delight with a family.  

“Heid Music has been instrumental to the success of our music program. From timely instrument repair, to ordering supplies and music, to offering opportunities for teachers to collaborate and grow in their profession, Heid Music has it all. I love supporting Heid music because they support me,” said Joe Finnegan, DC Everest Senior High Band Teacher.

The first step in personally connecting with the gift of music is supporting music education and events in our neighborhoods. There are many opportunities to be sure that children in the area feel supported and free to develop into their own creative expression. To learn more about how you can connect with Heid Music, visit them in-store in any of their five locations across Wisconsin or go to HeidMusic.com. Their online store has numerous instruments and informational resources that can help connect you with their one-of-a-kind experience.  Heid Music’s investment in service, convenience and community makes it all a win-win.

For more information on why music education is important and to watch introductory videos, visit the Heid Music You Tube page at https://www.youtube.com/c/heidmusic.

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