Goodman Community Center: To be Ad 2 Madison’s 2020 Public Service client

The Goodman Community Center is excited to partner with the young professionals of Ad 2 Madison for the 2020-21 Public Service Project. We believe this group of young people will bring a unique perspective to our organization and help us leverage the resources we have to spread the word about what GCC is doing in the Madison community.

As Dane County’s largest community center, GCC serves people aged 3 to 103 with a focus on strengthening lives and securing futures. In addition to educational programming for preschool through high school, activities for older adults, and food services like our food pantry, GCC is also a place for people to gather. We have a number of meeting and event spaces of all sizes, a full gym, and a fitness center. Our focus is on fostering social emotional wellbeing and a love of learning to help children and adults be contributing members of their community.

We believe that work is something worth sharing far and wide, and what better group of people to help us do that than the young professionals of Ad 2 Madison?

Something we are passionate about at the Goodman Center is providing a platform for youth voice. We have a strong following on our social media platforms, but we’d like to find new ways for our young participants to share their views on the world with their community, while also teaching them about the power and responsibility that comes with being on social media. Ad 2 Madison will help us explore and build on that goal.

The timing of this partnership is perfect for another reason: Just before the winter break, we announced our new CEO and executive director, Letesha Nelson, would join the team on Jan. 25. We’re beyond thrilled with the leadership skills and authentic compassion Letesha will bring to our organization and look forward to working with Ad 2 Madison to help us introduce her to the Madison community. The varied skills and connections this group brings to the table will ensure that as many people as possible learn about all the wonderful things Letesha brings to the Goodman Center, as well as the plans she has to help us to continue to grow and serve even more people.

There are many challenges that face our community in 2021, and the Goodman Center will continue to rise to the occasion to help mitigate those challenges. This partnership will help us be even more effective, and we’re ready to get to work.

If you’d like to learn more about the Goodman Center, visit their website, or follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

To learn more about Ad 2 Madison’s Public Service Committee and to get involved, see here or contact our Public Service Chair Oley Yager at [email protected].