Fiveable: Gen Z Rising Stars

Gen Z = Resilience & Change

What a year. For students, 2020 has thrown many curveballs, forcing students to rethink and reevaluate how they approach their classroom experience. It certainly wasn’t easy, and it required students to be flexible as their education experience was flipped upside down. Here at Fiveable, we saw firsthand how this shift impacted students, forcing many to adjust to a ‘new normal.’

In the midst of the chaos, we noticed something which really inspired us; students show incredible resilience in times of uncertainty and change.

We began to notice here at Fiveable how quickly students adapted to this new normal. The Fiveable Community space suddenly became this place where students could find support from their peers and also keep the momentum going in their courses. In addition to this, some students took on the roles of leaders in the community; facilitating discussions, running programs, and holding office hours, just to name a few.

These same student leaders would also have their own responsibilities outside of Fiveable, managing everything so seamlessly. We started taking note of how invested Fiveable students are, not only in the Fiveable Community space, but in their own lives as students.

That got us thinking….

We’re so inspired by the students we serve. Their resilience, creativity, and leadership keep us going everyday. As such, we’ve decided to recognize some of these stellar Fiveable students.

In a Fiveable first, we are so thrilled to announce the Fiveable Gen Z Rising Star Award! This competitive award, which has been granted to 10 of Fiveable’s student community members, recognizes the dedication, tenacity, and leadership of a group of Fiveable students who are truly paving the way for their peers. The winners were nominated and selected through a rigorous selection process, led by the Fiveable team. Factors that were considered for the nomination included: prior program leadership, meaningful content contributions, going above and beyond for peers, and even collaborating with the Fiveable team on special projects!

Award Recipients

It is our pleasure to share with you Fiveable’s 2020 Rising Stars:

Harrison Burnside
Matt Fiore
Solomon Kim
Emery Thul
Gayatri Aluri
Karen Li
Aly Moosa
Layna Cummings
Brandon Wu
Sander Owens

Please join us in celebrating our Rising Stars. We truly could not do what we do without students, and these Rising Stars are just one example of that. Congratulations to the recipients!