Fisher Barton: Launches next-generation industrial breaking technology at Utility Expo

WATERTOWN, WI, September 29, 2021 — Fisher Barton a metallurgical science innovation company, releases its Multi-Disc Tension Brake System at the 2021 Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Designed specifically for utility construction applications, the next-generation brake system is engineered to provide smooth, consistent braking with higher torque and cooler operating temperatures. The three-point design provides consistent braking tension-reducing pulses and surges on the line. The aluminum-bronze composite rotor radiates heat away from the braking surface better than solid bronze rotors improving thermal conductivity, creating longer pad life, and decreased maintenance downtime. The Fisher Barton Multi-Disc Tension Brake Systems easily mounts to trailer systems and reel stands.

Fisher Barton has been providing brake components for utility construction equipment market for many years, and several of our current customers have various Fisher Barton brake components and assemblies showcased at the 2021 Utility Expo. 

About Fisher Barton — Fisher Barton is a metallurgical science innovation partner for high wear and cutting components. Our expertise stems from our world-class talent who understand the behavior of material and the application of proprietary heat treating and thermal spray solutions that reimagine a component’s lifespan beyond the core manufacturing capabilities of stamping, bending, forming, cutting, welding, machining and casting. Eight locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Vietnam innovate blades and turf care components, bronze motion control products, industrial knives and various other wear components. Fisher Barton is more than a source for high-quality parts; Fisher Barton is your partner for the highest quality solutions found —anywhere. For more information, visit