Downtown Madison BID: Introduces eGift Card

Madison’s Central BID just introduced the Downtown Possibilities eGift Card which became available for purchase and use starting this fall and is already very popular. Customers can purchase Downtown Possibilities eGift Cards online at The virtual gift cards can be used year-round at all participating Downtown businesses.

This is a virtual gift for local presents. The Downtown Possibilities eGift Card encourages support of Downtown Madison businesses to help keep the downtown thriving and keep dollars circulating locally. Studies have shown the community-wide benefits of supporting local businesses.

The possibilities are endless with these eGift Cards which can be used at all participating Downtown Madison businesses: shops, restaurants and coffee shops, salons and spas, museums, theater and entertainment venues, hotels, bars, and rental properties.

“Downtown Possibilities eGift Cards are a convenient, fun way to send someone a gift with local flavor,” says Tim Jenquin, operations director at Downtown Madison. “People like supporting our Downtown businesses, too! In our introductory month of sales, we’ve sold four times the dollar amount we sold with paper certificates.”

The purchaser buys the eGift Card online at and sends it to the recipient via email, text, or print. Recipients can store their eGift Card on their phone, so they have it with them when they shop. With this card you can write a personalized message and easily send it to family, friends, and colleagues via text or email. It’s a wonderful way to share your support for local businesses, They also make the perfect gift for university students because they can be used at so many Downtown Madison businesses.

“We’ve already accepted several of the Downtown Possibilities eGift Cards and they work great,” says Casey Thompson at Fair Trade Coffee House. “People appreciate getting to choose their own gift, and with the certificate right on their phone they always have it handy.”

Because the eGift Cards can be purchased online and sent electronically, many businesses and corporations are choosing to use them as incentive gifts. Contact Tim Jenquin [email protected], 608-512-1341 for more information about group buys or the Downtown Possibilities eGift Card program.