DHS: Releases enhancements to COVID-19 Data Disease Activity Dashboard

The Department of Health Services (DHS) has released new and improved features to case activity metrics on the COVID-19 Disease Activity Dashboard. These updates are designed to help the public better understand important case activity metrics. DHS continues to look for ways to improve our data visualizations and provide Wisconsinites with the information they need to make informed decisions on how to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 Disease Activity Dashboard is one of our most popular data pages,” said Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk. “We know Wisconsinites go here to learn more about case activity both in their county and around the state. Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have made improvements to our data features related to case activity and will continue to do so, in order to provide decision makers in our state with the information they need.”

The enhancement includes showing case activity levels by county as a scatterplot instead of a chart. This allows users to more easily see case activity level, case burden, and trajectory in counties at the same time, and get more information from one visual. Users can also look more deeply into case activity trends with a new feature showing three-month trend lines of the case burden per 100,000 people for all Wisconsin counties.

Together, these features can continue to inform local decision making about how to fight back against COVID-19 in our communities. DHS plans to update this information each Wednesday by 5 p.m.

For up-to-date information about Wisconsin’s COVID-19 response, visit the DHS COVID-19 webpage and follow @DHSWI on Facebook(link is external)Twitter(link is external), or dhs.wi on Instagram(link is external) for more information on COVID-19.