Dept. of Safety and Professional Services: Announces new partnership with MTX Group to modernize licensing with Salesforce and mavQ technology

MADISON, Wis.  –   The Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) is partnering with MTX Group to further modernize its occupational credentialing process using Salesforce technology. This project is designed to move paper applications online for registered nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and other health care professionals, which together account for more than half of the agency’s total licensing volume. This will help streamline the application process and expedite decisions for individuals who have met all professional requirements and are ready to enter the health care workforce.

This is the second collaboration with MTX, which began work to automate data entry and document management tasks with its mavQ artificial intelligence platform in October. In this project, MTX will work closely with DSPS to tailor the Salesforce Licensing, Permitting, and Inspection Solutions to agency operations. It will help further automate aspects of the credentialing process, particularly those steps that remain largely paper-based and manual. This will help the DSPS team reduce errors, improve efficiency, and free staff members to focus on higher-level efforts, including application evaluation and customer interaction.

“This strategy will position our staff to be more effective, and that will enable us to deliver better service to all the people seeking to obtain or renew a license in Wisconsin,” said DSPS Secretary Dawn Crim. “When we talk about modernizing the agency, this is it. This is what we need to do to operate the way our customers expect and deserve.”

The project plans to deliver a tailored online portal with an accessible and intuitive interface for applicants and staff. It also aims to enable online application, allow electronic signatures, and offer secure, online payment. Advanced reporting features of the built solution will help DSPS track revenue figures as well as robust data about the licensing process and individual professions. 

“We are proud to play a role in such important work,” said Tommie Fern, Senior VP, Public Sector Sales State and Local. “The Wisconsin DSPS team provides a great example for how the industry at large can digitize and modernize the way people enter the workforce. We are excited to celebrate a mission-critical investment that will support people in pursuing their dreams and helping their communities.”

DSPS plans to eventually transition all credentials online. This is a major step forward for the high-volume agency that issues more than 240 unique occupational licenses in dozens of industries and fields, for which it handled nearly a half million applications and renewals in the last biennium alone.    

“Our list is long, our workload is heavy, and both continue to grow,” Crim said. “This project will be transformational. While it will make a tremendous difference for our staff, it will be most significant to our customers who want to get into the licensed workforce and remain in the licensed workforce.”

MTX has worked with states across the country on a wide range of government services in a variety of sectors, including licensing, transportation, health services, and more.  

“At MTX, we prioritize putting people first and creating improved happiness, health, and economic outcomes,” said MTX Founder & CEO Das Nobel. “Our mavQ offering will accelerate the safe entry and re-entry for professionals into the workforce, translating to faster earning potential for Wisconsinites, a promotion to the local economy, and overall improvement for the health care ecosystem.”

The Department of Safety and Professional Services issues more than 240 unique licenses, administers dozens of boards and councils that regulate professions, enforces state building codes, runs the state fire prevention program, and maintains the award-winning Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, which is a key tool in the multi-faceted public health campaign to address the opioid epidemic. A fee-based agency, the Department of Safety and Professional Services is self-sustaining and receives no general fund tax dollars for its day-to-day operations. With five offices and 250 employees throughout Wisconsin, DSPS collaborates with constituents and stakeholders across a wide range of industries to promote safety and advance the economy.

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